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  1. I served two vol. tours in “Nam” and about 8 months in Korea, and two tours in Germany in field M.I. units. I currently suffer from the effect of AO;I have a lot of trouble walking, standing and maintaining balance my, I feel fine, and I was under psych care for over 40 plus years plus, married for over 27 yrs. WITHOUT violent behavior related to my service. I’ve been 100% since 07/1973 and became P&T in 09/91. The income I reveive is great, its the constant physical pain I cannot live with 24/7 days a year. Compared to other vets, I’m doing great. Its just the physical I can do without. I’ve been to four countries in the last three years and plan to travel as long as my legs hold out. Recently divorced and enjoying traveling alone and just waiting to either “shake hands with Jesus” or the ‘Man” down below” the real
    concept of life and death, is just that, living is part of dying and I plan to live life to the fullest until my last breath! for all have you vets that live in the “same O same O B.S.” Just don’t give up and go down swinging!
    Their are a lot of places I need to see and want and going to see. Traveling for me is better than drinking , smoking, weed . And the beautiful ladies I ‘ve met in Mexico, England, Costa, Rica, Panama and I plan to go to San Juan, P. R. to get a replacement Army I.D., V.A. VIC Card and from there, I’ll decide where I’ll go from there. I currently have AO signs of possible cancer. Life to me is a “crap-shoot”
    which ever number comes up I have to accept. I don’t think “Jesus” is coming down from haven and make a” special trip to save me” I’ve had a very good and enjoyable life and I’m thankful to the Being either known as Jesus, Ms. Jesus or maybe Santa. I need to believe in something real, and not someone that I can’t see hear or touch.I ‘m not and never claimed to heal a person like come of the “religious nuts” that are out there that claim to “heal someone” by laying of hands on your TV. By someone they never met, seen, but they will “heal anyone” that believes in the BS, of laying of hands!
    Please wake up people! its all BS!
    Can ‘t you imagine if this was true!, now many of God’s family would be saved! by a former decorated Korean fighter pilot known as Pat Robertson? Tune to his show and he’ll take you on a “first class trip” to CRAZY TOWN, on their little special bus!
    Get aboard and tune in to his show! and you’ll see the BS, this nut is selling to everyone. The program is called the “700 Club”
    You want a good laugh?, tune in and “drink the cool aide” and set back relax and enjoy the “healing of hands!” Please be sure to take your HIP BOOTS and a VERY LARGE SHOVEL because the BS is pretty deep and a little smelly!

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